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Cultural Events at the Gay Games

The Gay Games Cultural Festival welcomes everyone, both participants and visitors, to celebrate the arts, the creator-artists, and our curious community. Explore your options, dig into the cultural portfolio, and join us at the next Gay Games in Hong Kong, recently postponed to November 2023. Be curious. Be open. Discover something new, something you.

Four core events – band, chorus, visual arts, and the International Rainbow Memorial Run – are the pillars for this century's much broader culture program. Specialty programming, such as the Cafés Philosophiques, in each of the previous ten Gay Games grew the GG family, turning strangers into friends.

The International Rainbow Memorial Run opens Gay Games week, memorializing those who left an indelible mark on the Gay Games movement. More than 1,000 singers, hailing from New Zealand to Greenland, have brought their vocal talents to the Festival Chorus. A wind ensemble and symphony orchestra unite in harmony many of the most talented amateur instrumentalists found in the world. Visual arts exhibits, including photography, painting, and fine arts, open the Games to meaningful sponsorship by local LGBTQ+ community centers and business venues. Finally, the NAMES Project / AIDS Memorial Quilt touches the hearts of all who come to bear witness to the grief we share.

The Cultural Festival soared during the Paris 2018 Gay Games. Non-stop programming on the main stage at the Festival Village, as well as at more than 30 venues throughout the City, gave unprecedented opportunities for participants and visitors to immerse themselves in opera, comedy, theater (both dramatic and sketch), self-expression at the Cafés Philosophiques, dance lessons, and poetry readings. The Pride Cheerleading Association energized spectators with athletic exhibitions around the city. Beginning in 2022, cheerleading will be offered as a team sport, with competitor CHEER teams vying for gold, silver, and bronze. Exhibition events will continue, raising funds for the FGG Scholarship Fund as well as locally-selected nonprofits.

Gay Games X week ended with a rousing closing party in the Festival Village, where the Paris 2018 team ceremonially passed the flag of the Federation of Gay Games to our next host, Hong Kong!

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