Cultural Events at the Gay Games

The Gay Games Cultural Festival is a series of participatory events in line with the Federation of Gay Games founding principles. The events are open to everyone regardless of their participatory skill level, and are to be conducted in an integrated manner with the many sports events. The costs to organize, promote and produce the Cultural Festival are to be completely covered by revenue generated by Festival activities to the fullest extent possible.

The Cultural Festival is comprised of the following core components:

  • Choral Concert Performance
  • Marching Band and Concert Band Performances
  • International Rainbow Memorial Run
  • Show Cheerleading and Competitive Cheerleading
  • Visual Arts

Additional cultural activities at a Gay Games have included:

  • Symposiums
  • Symphony Orchestra Concerts
  • Poetry Slams
  • Quilt Exhibitions
  • Color Guard
  • Film Festivals

In 2022, Gay Games 11 in Hong Kong will offer a full slate of cultural events. More information about those events will be available during 2020.

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