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The status of Honorary Life Member was established to recognize individuals who have served as FGG Delegates or Board Members, and whose contributions the FGG wishes to honour. It may be awarded to any number of individuals, at any time.

A nominee should be a former board member who has shown exceptional service to the FGG during their tenure, and who has gone beyond the normal tasks and duties of a member of the FGG Board of Directors. A nominee may also be a long-time delegate or volunteer who has never served on the Board but who has offered distinguished service.

Honorary Life Members receive a certificate and an FGG Medal of Honour.

Current Honorary Life Members are:

Roger Brigham

Ivan Bussens (+)

Charlie Carson

Michael Clarke (+)

Richard Cobden

Tom Cracovia

Shamey Cramer

Kurt Dahl

Gene Dermody

Pam Duys

Martha Ehrenfeld

Margaret (Peg) Grey (+)

Teresa Galetti

Leviathen Hendricks (+)

Richard Hogan

Les Johnson

Stephanie Johnstone

Shawn Kelly

Susan Kennedy

Debra Kent (+)

David Killian

Charles King

Herb King (+)

Alan Lessik

Derek Liecty

Doug Litwin

Jerry Lovell

Roberto Mantaci

Paul Mart (+)

William (Bill) McManus

Brent Minor

Rose Mary Mitchell

Peter Moews

Laura Moore

Stephen Mumby (+)

Marc Naimark (+)

Kelly Murphy-Stevens

Brent Nicholson Earle

Paul Oostenbrug

Kile Ozier

Joseph Pasquarella Smith

Rick Peterson (+)

Gilles Pettigrew

Manuel Picaud

Martyn Pickup

Jeffry Pike

Roz Quarto

Eric Richter

Emy Ritt

Sophia Rodriguez

Kate Rowe

Adelina Santiago

Larry Sheehan

R. Tony Smith

Rob Smitherman

Sara Waddell-Lewinstein

Annette Wachter

Kathleen Webster

Thomas Wilson

Paul White

Michael Witt

(+) deceased

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