§ Save 30% on NIKE retail prices

§ Teams can save hundreds of dollars!

§ Huge choice of top quality NIKE merchandise

§ Order extras for trading in Paris

§ A customized online store for your team

§ Put your logo on your team's clothing

§ Shipments direct to your team captain.

What is it?

The FGG has brought back the highly successful Gay Games Uniform Program with NIKE and BSN Sports. Teams can purchase high-quality NIKE apparel items at 30% off retail prices! This is an optional program that’s a great opportunity for participating teams. BSN Sports is the largest NIKE dealer in the U.S. Learn more at

Who is it for?

Any city team, club, sports team, or culture group (“team”) participating in the 2018 Gay Games in Paris. Don't know your city team? Want to help create one? For more information, write to

How does it work?

a) Interested teams and organizations start with the online application HERE. On this form, you will designate a single key contact person, called the “Uniform Captain.” You will also agree to pay an administrative fee to the FGG.

b) The administrative fee is USD 50 for teams that are part of FGG member organizations and USD 100 for teams that are not. If you are not an FGG member, you can apply the fee towards the first year’s FGG membership dues if you choose to join.

c) Your Uniform Captain will work with a professional representative from BSN Sports to choose which items from the NIKE merchandise catalogs you want to offer your team members.

d) BSN Sports will then build an online “My Team Shop” just for your team, reflecting prices that are 30% off retail. My Team Shops are short-term online sites customized to fit the needs of individual teams.

C L I C K    H E R E to apply online

C L I C K    B E L O W to download the info flyer:

e) The Uniform Captain will upload the team’s vector logo and choose the colors and design for each item. Items ordered through this program may include a small Federation of Gay Games logo.

f) The Uniform Captain will be given a unique access code and hyperlink for the store which he/she will share with other members of their team or organization.

g) Your “My Team Shop” can become a fundraiser for your organization. See the FAQs on the back side.

h) Team members will use the access code at the “My Team Shop,” place their order, and pay with a credit card (Visa, MC only). Orders must be placed by 1 June 2018.

i) U.S. and international orders will ship to a single address designated by the Uniform Captain.

j) All orders will ship 6 weeks after the store closes.

Why should my team participate?

§ Saves money for your team members.

§ Simplifies the ordering & shipping process.

§ Features high-quality NIKE merchandise.

§ Can add individual names and numbers to your team's uniforms.

§Supports the Gay Games and the ongoing global fight for equality in sport and culture.

§ Get started now. CLICK HERE or visit to apply.


Q1: What items can I offer in “My Team Shop?”

A: Your assigned BSN Sports representative will work with you to choose the NIKE items that fit your needs. There are items representing various quality and price levels which begin at 30% discount from retail (before customization). There is something for every team interested in this program. You can view and download NIKE catalogs of items that may suit your team HERE.

Q2: Can I get samples to show my team members?

A: U.S. Uniform Captains may order any logo-free item from the NIKE catalog as a sample. They must be paid for (at 30% discounted prices), but may be returned unused to BSN Sports within 30 days for a full refund (taxes & shipping charges are not refundable). Your BSN Sports representative will have more info.

Q3: Do I pay sales tax on my order?

A: Yes. All orders will charged sales tax in the state to which they are being shipped. For non-U.S. orders, NY state sales taxes will be paid.

Q4: What Credit Cards are acceptable for payment?

A: Visa and MasterCard are the only credit cards accepted for payment to BSN Sports.

Q5: How are currency conversions handled?

A: For those ordering from outside the U.S., orders will be placed in U.S. dollars and your credit card company will perform the currency conversion. All fees charged by your bank or credit card are your responsibility.

Q6: What logos can be put on my merchandise?

A: Virtually any vector logo may be uploaded to your My Team Shop. Your BSN Sports representative will review your designs and may be able to offer some design assistance. If you would like to put a team

sponsor’s logo on your items, plan to provide a letter of authorization from that sponsor A small Federation of Gay Games logo may be included on items in your store.

Q7: How else can I customize my merchandise?

A: You will have the option of adding a sport name (i.e. softball) or an athlete’s name and number (Joe, Linda, Sergio, Amanda) to selected uniform items. This is an exciting opportunity your team may like.

Q8: How can I make this a fundraiser for my team?

A: You can advise BSN Sports to add a small amount to the price of each item being offered in your MyStore.

Then, a few weeks after your store closes, BSN will send your team a check for the amount raised by the sales of your merchandise.

Q9: How do I pay the Administrative Fee?

A: This fee is paid following the online application process. The fee is USD 50 for FGG member organ-izations and USD 100 for non-member organizations. Payments may be made with PayPal. Remember that non-member organizations can apply their payment to their first year's dues if they choose to join the FGG by 31 December 2018.

Q10: What if I end up not ordering merchandise through this program?

A: If your team decides not to order any NIKE merchandise through the GGUP within 45 days of submitting your online application, the fee can be refunded. Of course, it can be treated as a donation to the FGG or applied to future membership dues.

Q11: What if I still have questions?

A: Write to

Q12: How do I get started?

A: CLICK HERE or visit

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