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The recipients of the 2023 Tom Waddell Award were announced on 23 October. They were chosen from a larger field of nominees who were considered by the Award Sub-Committee and confirmed by the FGG Board of Directors.

The two recipients are Emy Ritt (Paris, France) and Roger Brigham (Oakland, CA USA).

The awards will be presented at Gay Games XI in November 2023.

Read more about these recipients and the other finalists HERE.


The Tom Waddell Award, symbolised by the Dr Tom Waddell Trophy, focuses attention on the single most important aspect of the Gay Games, that of participation. It is presented every four years in conjunction with the Gay Games.

The following text was first read by Honorary Life Member Gene Dermody at the 2009 FGG Annual Meeting in Cologne, Germany:

The Dr. Tom Waddell Trophy represents the history and legacy of Dr. Tom Waddell, of the Games he founded, and the nearly thirty-year movement (now 41 years) they have launched and nourished.

It is symbolic, a vessel for our spirit, our inspiration, and all of the tears of joy shed by the thousands of participants whose lives have been touched by the power of Gay Games.

We entrust our hosts in Cologne with this Trophy, as we have entrusted them with the legacy of the Games founded by Tom Waddell, confident that they will return this symbol in a few short months, and, more important, return the faith we have shown in them by sharing the flame of the Gay Games with thousands of men and women from around the world.

Qualifications and eligibility

A nominee must:

  • Inspire pride through leadership and excellence in sports, culture, or volunteerism
  • Devote their energies to the success of the Gay Games and/or related activities without regard for personal gain
  • Participate at their personal best
  • Personify standards of commitment, selflessness, and love of humanity

To be eligible for consideration for the award, a nominee must have been involved with the Federation of Gay Games, a Gay Games host organization, or a sports or culture organization that supports gay/lesbian activities with a direct connection to the Gay Games.

A nominee may not currently be serving as a member of the Federation of Gay Games board or serving on the board, staff, or as a volunteer for the current Gay Games host.

History of past Tom Waddell Award Finalist Nominees & Recipients

The Dr. Tom Waddell Trophy was first awarded in 1990 at Gay Games III, Celebration ’90 in Vancouver.

The following individuals have been nominated for the Tom Waddell Award (award recipient in bold red):

1990: Bart Hopple, Paul Mart, Brent Nicholson Earle, Rikki Streicher

1994: Deirdre Paul, Rikki Streicher, Robert Weaver

1998: Ruth Gursky, Rick Peterson, Dave Studach

2002 Male: Stuart Borrie, Gene Dermody, Derek Liecty, Jean-Nickolaus Tretter

2002 Female: Susan Kennedy, Gert McMullin

2006 Male: Gary Bath, Derek Liecty, Jerry Lovell, Peter Moews

2006 Female: Lydia La Rivière-Zijdel, Gert McMullin, Rose Mary Mitchell, Jessica Seaton

2010 Male: Gene Dermody, Brent Minor, Brent Nicolson Earle

2010 Female: Connie Kempe-Schaelicke, Sara Waddell Lewinstein, Jessica Seaton

2014 Male: Barry Webb, Gene Dermody, Konstantin Yablotskiy

2014 Female: Lou Englefield, Gert McMull in, Elvina Yuvakaeva

2023 Award: Roger Brigham, Emy Ritt, Kurt Dahl, Shamey Cramer, Laura Moore, Annette Wachter

1990 Tom Waddell Award recipient at Gay Games III in Vancouver. In the background is future award recipient Brent Nicholson Earle.

Rikki Streicher (second from left), recipient of the 1994 Tom Waddell Award, poses with Brent Nicholson Earle, Sara Waddell-Lewinstein, Susan Kennedy, and Rick Peterson.

Award recipients Ruth Gursky (1998, left) and Paul Mart (1990, right)

2002 Award recipients Stuart Borrie (left) and Susan Kennedy (right)

Past 2006 and 2010 Tom Waddell Award recipients (left to right): Sara Waddell Lewinstein, Lydia Zijdel-La Rivière, Brent Nicholson Earle, and Derek Liecty (Photo by Marc Namark)

2014 Award recipients Elvina Yuvakaeva (left) and Gene Dermody (right)

2018 Award recipients Gert McMullin (left) and Paul Oostenbrug (right)

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