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The Volunteer of the Year Award was established in 2007 to recognize individuals who provide exceptional service as FGG volunteers. This award is now given to two people of differing gender identities each year during the FGG Annual Meeting.

A nominee should have contributed by their work to the execution of the tasks and projects of the FGG, and in so doing, gone beyond the normal tasks and duties of a member of the FGG community. A nominee must have served for at least one year as an FGG volunteer. A volunteer from a Gay Games host who has collaborated closely with the FGG may also be nominated.

This award is symbolised by the Cape Town Cup, which was a gift to the FGG from the mayor of Cape Town presented at the Civic Dinner offered by the City of Cape Town at the 2008 Annual Meeting. The recipient will also receive a legacy medal and a certificate of honour.

The Cape Town Cup for the Volunteer of the Year

2019 Legacy Award Winner Laura Moore, Volunteer of the Year, presented in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. The other Volunteer of the Year, Zander Ross, was unable to attend the AGA in Guadalajara. His Legacy Award will be presented by Laura Moore in New York City.

2017 Legacy Award Winner Wayne Morgan, Male Volunteer of the Year, presented in Paris France

2017 Legacy Award Winner Annette Wachter, Female Volunteer of the Year, presented in Paris France

Past Volunteers of the Year:

• 2007: Marc Naimark (Paris)

• 2008: Joseph Pasquarella Smith (Seattle)

• 2009: Hlengiwe Buthelezi (Durban) and Ian McMahon (Cape Town)

• 2010 (Games Cologne volunteers): Philip Lischke (Sydney) and Barbara Strewinski (Cologne)

• 2010: Roz Quarto (New York City) and Jason Stone (Seattle)

• 2011: Kate Rowe (Sydney) and Israel Wright (Chicago)

• 2012: Martha Ehrenfeld (San Francisco) and Mikey Witt (Los Angeles)

• 2013: Ken Hundrieser (Chicago) and Jennell Bergwall (Davenport, Iowa)

• 2014 (Gay Games 9 volunteers): Cynthia Christman (Akron) and Jay DeFinis (Cleveland)

• 2014: Bradley Erickson (New York) and Kena Ravel (Boston)

• 2015: Cillian Flynn (Limerick) and Keli Zehnder (Cleveland)

• 2016: George Melichar (New Orleans) and Alex Davis (London)

• 2017: Annette Wachter (Cologne) and Wayne Morgan (Sydney)

• 2019: Laura Moore (New York)  and Zander Ross (New York)

• 2020: Sarah Townsend () and Shamey Cramer  (Los Angeles)

• 2021: Nicolás Pineda (México) and Shelley Holroyd

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