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Historic Hong Kong "Ding Ding" Tram Features GGHK Graphics

03 Jul 2021 17:14 | Douglas Litwin (Administrator)

One of the famous "Ding Ding" trams that traverses Hong Kong island from east to west is now bearing the custom colors of GGHK. See these colorful photos.

This tram will be on the streets for the entire month of July. In September, the tram will be back on the streets with alternate graphics that promotes the opening of full registration.

These colorful trams have been running through Hong Kong island since 1904. They are very inexpensive, old-fashioned, and slow as they cruise through the streets of the city. But each one now represents a mobile billboard, raising all kinds of local interest in Gay Games 11.

These trams are among the most unique and best-loved symbols of Hong Kong.

If you'd like to read more about the "Ding Ding" trams and their special place in Hong Kong history, click HERE.

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