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The Gay Games celebrate queer athleticism on a global stage

18 Jun 2023 23:42 | Douglas Litwin (Administrator)

The Globe and Mail in Toronto published an excellent article about the Gay Games on 17 June 2023. The article tells an accurate history of the Gay Games. Told from a Canadian point of view, it contains quotes from several FGG Board Members, profiles other participants, and looks forward to the co-hosted Gay Games XI in Hong Kong and Guadalajara.

Catherine Meade, a lesbian and a woman of colour, said "This was my first inclusive sport experience, and it was life altering, life affirming.”

Sean Fitzgerald, co-president for the Federation of Gay Games (FGG), said “To suddenly have a place where you can go be yourself and participate, to see what’s out there, and what other cities and clubs do. At that event my two worlds merged for the first time. To have the camaraderie of that many people was incredible.”

Vong Sho, who will make the trip to Hong Kong to compete at badminton and volleyball, said “I use the Gay Games and other sporting events as an excuse to go somewhere I’ve never been before. A common activity is sort of how I bond with people. So the first time I really felt like, ‘Oh, now I feel like I belong,’ was playing gay sports.”

Carlos Delgado is set to attend his first Gay Games and commented “Competition matters,” he said. “But having that sense of unity and acceptance is what I’m looking forward to, and continuing to build those support systems that we all need.”

Kimberly Hadley of Edmonton, an officer of sport on the FGG’s board and an organizer at the 2023 Gay Games said “I think it’s vital for us to hold the games in places like this, because we’re reaching people that we haven’t been able to reach before.”

Read the full article written by Rachel Brady HERE.

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