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Celebrate "Diversity In Sport Day!"

28 Aug 2023 14:18 | Douglas Litwin (Administrator)

Today, 28 August is "Diversity In Sport Day."

Their new podcast, "Matters of Inclusion," is now live! Tune in to hear World and Paralympic champion Candace Cable, the first woman to medal in both the Winter and Summer Paralympic Games, discussing her career, her inspirations and the topic of "ableism." At the very end of this podcast, Shamey Cramer includes a really nice reference to Gay Games XI, happening in November for the first time in Asia and in Latin America.

World and Paralympic champion Candace Cable with DiS co-founder Shamey Cramer

To see Candace Cable win her bronze medal in the 800m wheelchair race at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, click HERE or the photo below. To have this wheelchair event take place right in the middle of the Summer Olympics did for para athletes what the Gay Games has done for the LGBTQ+ community every four years since 1982.

August 28 was chosen to be Diversity In Sport Day for several reasons. Primary among them is that the Opening Ceremony of Gay Games I took place exactly 41 years ago. In addition, exactly one year from today, the Paralympics in Paris will have their Opening Ceremony.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel,  DiS Day, August 28 to listen in now.

Diversity in Sport Day is YOUR day!

CELEBRATE… your athletic achievements

MOTIVATE… other athletes, coaches and administrators

ADVOCATE… for universal equity in sport

Commemorate the day by posting on social media, letting others know what Diversity in Sport means to you – and please use the hashtags #ThisIsYourDay #DiversityinSport #CelebrateMotivateAdvocate #dis28 #inclusionmatters

Make sure to tag us and feel free to post on our social sites as well.

Thank you all for allowing us to be part of your work, and  continued success to the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games staff and volunteers, and to the International Paralympic Committee - we are looking forward to seeing many of you one year from today at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony!

Happy Diversity in Sport Day, and #sharethosehashtags !

Yours in Sport,

Shamey Cramer and Tracey Savell Reavis

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About Diversity in Sport Day | August 28

Diversity in Sport Day, August 28 is an annual event that celebrates trailblazers, triumphs and milestones in sport, motivates others to set new standards of inclusion, and advocates for universal equity in sport and society at large. Shared Diversity in Sport stories will inspire more participation from athletes, executives, teams, and communities. With greater awareness and connection, grassroots and local action will drive our global goal of diversity and inclusion in sport. #DiversityinSport

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