Be inspired by the historical Gay Games sports results

31 Aug 2019 13:56 | Anonymous

Did you know that the sports results from all 10 Gay Games events are posted on this very web site? It's true; you can compare results from Gay Games I (San Francisco in 1982) all the way to Gay Games X (Paris in 2018).

Check out all these results by clicking HERE.

If you have participated in the Gay Games, you can re-live the past.

If you've never been to the Gay Games, these results will inspire you.

In keeping with the Gay Games founding principles of "Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best," you'll notice that many sports have divisions based on age, skill, weight, or some combination. Remember, everyone is welcome to participate in the Gay Games, as long as you're age 18 or older.

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Special thanks to Gene Dermody, Charlie Carson, Rob Smitherman, and Doug Litwin for organizing these historical results.

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