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Exciting Gay Games 11 updates from Hong Kong

16 Mar 2020 10:47 | Anonymous

Gay Games 11 Hong Kong 2022 is happening in 2.5 years. Get involved now to support GGHK as donor, fundraiser, sponsor, volunteer, champion or sign up for our newsletter!

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On 14 March 2020, the new logo for Gay Games 11 made its debut. It’s a natural evolution from the original Hong Kong logo. The logo has a name (“The Sails Of Unity”) and has its own meaning and symbology.

Until the 1970s, spotting sampans – the traditional Chinese wooden flat boats – sailing up and down Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour day and night, was indeed a common sight.

Among those, there were some bigger and stronger ones, venerable vessels displaying striking flashy red sails.

Nowadays only few of them are still visible in the Harbour, but their memory and their legacy have become one of the most cherished symbols of the city.

Designed in the form of the sampan and representing the diversity in the LGBT!+ community – highlighted by the six rainbow colours – our boat sails on placid waters: a grey hand represents humanity which we are all part of; the two-coloured waves represent the immense streams of water that unite all continents and gently push the ship towards reaching the #UnityInDiversity.

Finally, the blue and orange colours, representing the Sun and the Sea chasing sunrises and sunsets, paint the wording, while the dark blue of the ocean stands quietly at the bottom, reminding us of the motto chosen for the Games, and of our Patron Committee, the Federation of Gay Games.

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