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NFL video for National Coming Out Day features gay and bi former players and allies

10 Oct 2020 18:42 | Douglas Litwin (Administrator)

The National Football League (USA professional football) is celebrating National Coming Out Month and Day as never before. On Sunday, 11 October (National Coming Out Day), the NFL will air an inspirational video showing star players such as Rob Gronkowski and DeAndre Hopkins voicing their support for any gay or bi teammate who comes out.

In the video, which will initially air during Sunday’s early-game Fox telecasts, former players Ryan O’Callahan, Jeff Rohrer, RK Russell and Wade Davis, all of who came out as gay or bi after retiring, begin by saying: “To all current players who are thinking of coming out, when you are ready, so are we.”

The video then cuts to a string of NFL players responding, “I support you, I got you, we got you, we support you, it takes all of us, and you deserve to be all you.”

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To see the primary video, click HERE. You will also see 11 other videos produced by the NFL for National Coming Out Month, including one that focuses on Gay Games Ambassador Esera Tuaolo.

The Federation of Gay Games congratulates the NFL on taking these bold steps to stand in support of equality in sports.

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