Another triumphant Gay Games for the history books

The latest edition of the Gay Games has now concluded after more than five thousand participants from around the world converged on our two host cities - Hong Kong and Guadalajara - to celebrate a week of sports and culture for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies.

In both host cities our attendees were inundated with hours of entertainment.  From sporting competition across a whole host of sports and categories;  an incredible cultural agenda boasting competitive and non-competitive events and gala concerts; the unforgettable and emblematic Opening and Closing Ceremonies; our official Gay Games events programming including the Rainbow Run, Memorial Moment and Pink Flamingo™️; and a whole host of other events, talks, workshops and parties to keep our attendees busy during the Games.

Over the coming months we'll be celebrating some of the most exciting moments of the two Games right here in this newsletter, but for now here's a selection of some of the more memorable moments of 2023's unforgettable Gay Games celebration.

Two cities... one incredible event

Hosting two events on opposite sides of the globes was one of the biggest challenges we have faced as a Federation, but as the two Opening Ceremonies kicked off we quickly realised that all our hard work had paid off.

Launching straight into competition, we kicked off with a whirlwind of different sports - some familiar to Gay Games regulars like Martial Arts and Fencing, and other new events which we've never hosted before, like Mahjong and Dragon Boat Racing.

Our most popular sports once again proved a hit at the Games, amongst them the water sports section of Swimming, Water Polo and Diving.  Hong Kong also hosted an Open Water Swimming event at these Games.

Soccer attracted local and international teams, this time with Soccer 7s competing in both cities and Soccer 11s competing in just Guadalajara

The ever-popular Tennis was once again a hit, with many teams from around the world competing together, along with Squash and Badminton

On the court we hosted Basketball, Volleyball and Dodgeball - all three with thrilling final rounds watched by huge crowds of people.  This Games also included Beach Volleyball in Guadalajara

Guadalajara treated us with a beautiful Golf course, along with competitive Bowling and Softball events

We were also spoiled with an incredible array of dance events, including the fan-favourite Dancesport, Ice Skating and Cheerleading

The runners were out in force, with both a Marathon and Half-Marathon hosted in both cities, as well as 5k and 10k runs in both cities.  Hong Kong also treated our runners to a stunning Trail Running event, with Guadalajara hosting the Track and Field events

And for regular Gay Gamers, you'll recognise our staple events of the International Rainbow Memorial Run, Memorial Moment and Pink Flamingo™️ - all of which proved as popular as ever

But it wouldn't be a true Gay Games without our incredible medals and the unforgettable medal ceremonies where we present them to our winners.

Over the coming months we'll be recapping some of the incredible highlights of the Games, focusing on individual sports, events, and showing you a deeper dive into the mind-blowing range of events that the Gay Games has to offer its attendees and participants.  

Thank you to everyone who attended.  Without you all our glorious Gay Games would not exist.  And a special thank you to all the organisers and volunteers who made this dream a reality.

 Valencia winning the site selection process to host the Gay Games XII 2026


 Site selection now open for Gay Games XIII

 With just 2 and a half years until the Gay Games lands in Valencia, we can now announce that we have officially opened Site Selection for our next Gay Games in 2030. 

We're looking for a host city which can help us bring the magic of the Gay Games alive. A city which can host hundreds of sporting events throughout the city, connecting thousands of participants and attendees together. 

 Your city will be responsible for providing a central Village space where our attendees can meet, get to know each other, and relax between events. And you'll need to host our wide range of cultural events and Gay Games staples like the Opening and Closing ceremonies, the International Rainbow Memorial Run, Memorial Moment and the incredible Pink Flamingo™️

In order for us to guarantee the exceptional quality of the Gay Games, our site selection program is a highly detailed process that involves your city planning every facet of the Games in advance, and our team visiting and reviewing the sites you will use around the city. You'll need to work alongside your city council and regional LGBTQ+ sports groups to prepare and pitch an outstanding proposal to be in the running to host the Games. 

Your city has until the 31st December to submit an initial indication of interest. If you are interested in being involved, send an email now to our site selection team and we'll be in touch in the new year to begin the process.

 Share your stories from the Gay Games

 Here at the Gay Games HQ we would love to hear from you about your experience at this year's Gay Games in both Hong Kong and Guadalajara. 

 We are inviting you to share a snippet of the joy you felt competing at the Games, whether it was playing sports, attending our cultural events, making new friends, or just enjoying the awesome feeling of being surrounded by other LGBTQ+ sports and cultue folks (and our allies). 

Your story could be written text, photos, videos or any combination of the above. We'll then compile the stories together onto our website for everyone to enjoy. 

If you'd like to share something with us, drop us an email at, making sure to include your name, home city and which Gay Games you attended.

 Co-presidents Joanie Evans and Jan Schneider at Gay Games 11 Hong Kong's closing ceremony


 Congratulations to Jan Schneider, the new co-president of the Gay Games

 We are very happy to share the news that Jan Schneider, a long-time Gay Games board member, has now been elected as our new co-president. Jan told us that "after being the VP of Production for quite some time it was the next logical step for me to help bring the best Gay Games ever to our next hosts starting with Valencia in 2026". He added that "as we saw in both host cities this year there's a need for representation in sports and culture and the Gay Games provide an ideal platform for that."

 Former co-president Sean Fitzgerald at Gay Games XI Guadalajara's opening ceremony


Jan takes over from Sean Fitzgerald who has been in the role of co-president for the last 8 years. Joanie Evans, who shared the presidential duties with Sean, told us that "Sean has been a absolute joy to work with" and that she is going to "miss their partnership". Sean will remain on the Gay Games board, and we'd all like to thank him deeply for his dedicated effort and contribution to the success of the Federation.

 David Killian, now inaugurated into the Honorary Life Member panel


We're also very happy to inaugurate David Killian into our small collection of Honorary Life Members. This select group of folks is made up of people who have dedicated time and effort to support the all-voluntary work of the Gay Games. "Through my work with The FGG and the Gay Games over the last 12+ years, I have done my best to live the motto Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best with everything I have done in moving the organization forward. What I did not realize was how much this work has changed me for the better as a person, and the cherished second family I formed with the Board and General Assembly that will be with me for life."

 Watch our 2023 Annual General Assembly 

 This month we hosted our annual general assembly, which is chance for all our member organisations to hear about the work we have done over the last 12 months and vote on certain aspects of the coming 12 months. 

This time around we discussed and voted for new board members (who will be introduced to you all over the coming months), discussed the developments and finances over the last 12 months, shared a selection of positive stories from the Games, and voted in David Killian as an Honorary Life Member. 

Our next AGA will be hosted on 25th to 28th October 2024 and one of our long-standing member organisationsTeam DC, will be hosting us in Washington DC.   More details will be posted to our member organisations at the end of July 2024, along with the registration link.

You can watch the AGA right here, and if you are interested in attended our future AGAs you simply need to become a FGG member. You can find more information about membership here

 Enjoyed the Games?  Take the official survey now 


This Gay Games has been celebrated by many as a resounding success, and the incoming results from our official survey prove this further with around 95% of our attendees reporting a positive experience and over 66% claiming this games to be "excellent".

As we continue to compile your responses we'd like to invite anyone who hasn't yet completed the survey to respond now, using one of the two links below. 

This survey enables us to not only understand what we're doing well but also the areas where we will need to pay more attention to ensure the very best Gay Games experience. We will read and analyse every comment, and will share a summary of the results with all when complete.

 Board position: Officer of ED&I


We have a board vacancy for an Officer of ED&I here at the Gay Games. 

This volunteer position will involve you monitoring our commitment to ensuring the Gay Games is suitable and available to everyone.  That includes development of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion strategies, policies and guidance for the FGG and our member organisations and the analysis and use of data to inform FGG current thinking and future focus.

 This incredibly important position is open to anybody to apply, from anywhere in the world. In our commitment to ensuring our board is as diverse as possible, we especially welcome people to apply who have unique perspectives and experience based on their background, such as your gender identity, sexual identity, race, social class, physical ability or any other factor.

 Onwards to Valencia 2026

 With the Gay Games XI now complete, our next key moment will be the Gay Games XII, hosted in the gorgeous Spanish port city of Valencia

After an incredibly successful site selection pitching campaign, Valencia will host the Games in Summer 2026. Along with many of the regular sports, they will also be hosting some interesting local sports including Colpbol and Valencian Pilota.  We'll also be introducing eSports and Quidditch/Quadball for the very first time.

We are now working with the team in Valencia to close the final details about the dates of the Games and begin preparing to open registration. Until there, here is a taster of what Valencia have to offer.

Since the first Gay Games in 1982, the Federation of Gay Games mission promotes equality in and through sport and culture and ensures that the Gay Games, the world’s largest sports and culture festival open to all, take place every four years under the founding principles of Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best.

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