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Scholarship recipients at Gay Games VII 2006.


Seize The Day to help bring artists and athletes to Gay Games 10: Paris 2018!

Our goal is to raise US $100 per day for the 1,000 days leading to Gay Games 10 in Paris between 4 November 2015 and 5 August 2018. All donation levels are welcome, but each US $100 donation allows you to seize your own special day on the calendar to help the Federation of Gay Games “Change The World!”

Scholarship recipients at Gay Games VII 2006.

Scholarship recipients at Gay Games VII 2006.

100% of your donation supports the Federation of Gay Games mission of “Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best™.” This will be through targeted outreach and grassroots community development projects in Latin America (Pride House: Rio Olympics 2016); in Asia-Pacific (Annual General Assembly: Sydney 2016); and other underserved regions and constituents through our Annual General Assembly in Paris (2017); culminating in the largest gathering of global LGBT+ athletes, artists, advocates, and allies for Gay Games 10: Paris 2018.

For the 2014 Gay Games 9, the FGG provided scholarship support to 47 recipients from the countries of Croatia, Russia, South Africa, Macedonia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Brazil, Slovenia, Philippines, and Chile.

Thanks for helping change the world, and see you at Gay Games 10 in Paris!

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