cgi-synchroIn a piece for Gay Star News, Gareth Johnson looks at the progress and perspectives for male synchronized swimming after the publicity received last summer:

At the London 2012 summer Olympics, there were only two sports that discriminated on the basis of gender – men were not allowed to compete in either the rhythmic gymnastics or the synchronized swimming competitions.

At the time there was quite a bit of media interest in the gender-discrimination aspect of these sports, but has anything changed? What next for campaigners?

Marc Naimark, the Federation of Gay Games’ vice-president for external affairs, was one of the key drivers of representations to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding synchronized swimming’s gender-based discrimination.

He said: ‘The FGG together with the Paris and London synchro groups wrote a formal letter to the governing bodies asking them to address this issue. No response has been received from either the IOC or FINA [Fédération Internationale de Natation, the international governing body for acquatic sports including synchro].’

Keep reading, with comments from FGG Communications Officer Kelly Stevens, and representatives from Paris and London LGBT synchro clubs, here.

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