Gay Games I
August 1982
San Francisco, California, USA

No one involved with the first Gay Games — organisers, participants, supporters or spectators — knew quite what to expect beforehand, but the opening ceremony at Kezar Stadium on Saturday, 28 August, proved to be one of the most uplifting events in gay and lesbian history. That day marked the beginning of a week of spirited competition in 17 sports by about 1,350 athletes from 12 countries. Lives were changed, and it was clear the Gay Games would be held again.

Results HERE. (We have received information that the results of the women’s volleyball may be incorrect and that San Francisco took the gold medal. We will try to look into this. If you have any information on this, write blog at gaygames dot org).

*The motto “Challenge” was not used at Gay Games I. It is a later invention to harmonize the first Gay Games with all later editions, which have each had a motto. Because of constant use over recent decades, we prefer to leave this motto on the record, while noting that its use is not historically accurate.